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ABP News Madhya Pradesh Loksabha Election Opinion Poll Survey 2014

ABP News Madhya Pradesh Loksabha Election Opinion Poll Survey 2014 BJP will manage to win 26 loksabha seats in upcoming election 2014. BJP wave also seen there in MP

ABP NEWS MP(मध्यप्रदेश) Opinion Poll 2014: (कुल सीटें 29)

बीजेपी(BJP): 26

कांग्रेस (Congress): 3

In the negihouring state Chhattisgarh BJP will managr to win 10 loksabha seat: (Total Loksabha seats in Chhattisgarh -11)

बीजेपी (BJP): 10

कांग्रेस (Congress): 1

BJP will get 23-27 seats shown in CNN IBN 7 MP Poll Survey result 2014

BJP likely to win 20-25 seat in Madhya Pradesh Loksabha Election 2014 as per CNN IBN7 & CSDS poll shown today 22 January 2014

party wise Projected seat  result show in CNN IBN Madhya Pradesh Poll Survey 2014

BJP- 23-27 loksabha seat

Congress-2-5 loksabha seat

Others-0-4 loksabha seat


Estimated Vote Share for Madhya Pradesh Loksabha Election 2014

BJP-51 %

Congress- 29




Todays Chanakya & AAJ Tak MP Exit Poll Survey : BJP to win 138-160 seats, Congress 62-80

Madhya Pradesh Exit Poll Survey show MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is all set to retain power in MP Assembly election 2013,  Below are the Exit Poll Result of MP Vidhan Sabha Election 2013 which shows BJP is likely to score another big victory when votes are counted on 8th December 2013

                                     Congress             BJP     Others

AAJTAK                   80                         138         12

CNN-IBN                 66-67                  136-146

ABP News                 80                         138         12

Todays Chanakya  62                        161         7

Times Now                92                       128         10

Hattrick by BJP in Madhya Pradesh Election in ABP News Exit Poll survey 4 dec 2013

Hattrick by Shivraj Singh Chouhan  BJP in Madhya Pradesh Election in ABP News Exit Poll survey 4 December 2013.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to retain power in Madhya Pradesh as per ABP News Post Poll survey.
Party Name        Expected Seat

Congress         -     80

BJP                    -       138 Assembly seats

Others             -         12

74% satisfied with Shivraj Singh Chouhan as CM in IBN 7 Post poll survey. Chennai Mathematical Institute Director Prof Rajeeva Karandikar Survey Prediction  BJP is likely to win 126-136 seats leaving the Congress way behind with only 49-57 and other smaller parties are expected to bag 12-20 seats

ABP News Madhya Pradesh Opinion Poll 20.11.2013

ABP News Madhya Pradesh Opinion Poll telecast today 20th November 2013 at 7 pm. Opinion poll have been done on 115 seat out of 230 assembly seat, total of 21352 voter participant in the opinion poll. The opinion poll has been done from 28-october 2013 to 14 November 2013

Below are the Opinion Poll Survey result done by ABP news for MP assembly election 2013

BJP will likely to get 155 while Congress will win 65, BSP 6 and others  will get win on 4 assembly seats

Mawla has total 66 seats

Part Name       Expected Seat

BJP                             43

Congress                 22

BSP                             0

Others                       1


BJP               -17

Congress -13

Others       -4

India TV C-Voter MP Loksabha Election 2014 opinion poll survey

MP Opinion Poll Survey 2014 India TV C-Voter
Madhya Pradesh Total 29 Seats

Survey was taken in october 2013, as per survey of india TV for Madhya Pradesh Loksabha Seats opinion poll 2014 BJP is likely to win 23 loksabha election
Party Name Projected Seats

Congress 6 seats

BJP 23 seats.

Total Loksabha seats : 29

BJP 23,

Congress 6